Meet Preston

Preston generally wants to be doing everything, all at once, all the time.


She is a performer and creator who loves maybe-a-little-bit-crazy projects that take dedication and resourcefulness to produce.


An alum of Interlochen Arts Academy and the National Theatre Institute, Preston has studied and practiced across all areas of theatre and film. She has worked as an actor, dancer, director, choreographer, editor, 1st AD, writer, composer, and set builder to name a few.


She is happiest when she gets to work really hard on meaningful projects with passionate people, and she is not afraid to do what it takes to make a project succeed. So throw out your wildest, most ambitious ideas—she wants to find a way to make them happen.

Preston is a native of North Carolina and a graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy, the National Theatre Institute, and the University of Minnesota. Favorite roles include Morticia Addams (The Addams Family Musical), Bernadette (Romeo and Bernadette), and ensemble work in The Secret in the Wings and RENT. She currently lives in North Carolina and most recently began working in women's sports as a writer and editor for She Plays.

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 Greenville, NC